Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The view from the top

Tonight I got to take my first step on the second level. I was able to see the city views that Dave has been talking about. It felt so high up there but AMAZING! After being stuck in half a house for months, to step out and have a sense of space and light was liberating.

Take a look at this!
(Apologies but I had to do a selfie from this great height!)

Looking east to the city. This is where we will see the sun rise.

Checking the floor for squeaks and spring

Looking North West over the new neighbours massive backyard.

Looking south west

Looking south east. You can see the West Gate Bridge in this shot too.

So that is what we will be seeing on a regular basis once we move into this top level.

Can't wait to watch the fireworks from up here!



  1. Wow, great view of the city! NYE fireworks will be so easy to see from there!

    1. We normally walk the middle of the street to watch them, but this will be so much better.