Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Kitchen canisters

Probably my favourite designer is Sarah Richardson from shows such as Sarah's House and Real Potential which air in Australia on the Lifestyle channel on Foxtel. Unfortunately we can't afford Foxtel right now so I just like to follow her work on her websites and Facebook.

Recently she posted a picture of her kitchen and I fell in love. You may have seen my shares on my Facebook page.

I just adore her marble look splashback tiles and have been hunting for something similar in Australia. So far no luck.

I also love those glass canisters on her benchtop!!

She shared the link of the place in the USA where she bought them. US$89.99 and didn't deliver to Australia. (Actually it seems they must have been very popular after she shared the link because they only have the coloured ones left in store)

Then by chance, I was watching The Block, as I do every night, and saw Chantelle in a $2 shop and she picked up glass canisters very similar to the ones in Sarah's kitchen. So I went to my local $2 shops and low and behold there they were!!! Score!

So I used some of my Birthday money (Yes it was my birthday last week) and bought 3 in different sizes.

Granted they don't have those awesome silver Barrington lids, but gee they are very similar and I love them. The best part was the price! The smallest one was only $4.95, the medium was $5.99 and the large was $6.95!!! God bless you $2 shop.

That last canister I want to fill up with coffee pods as Hubby is getting a new Nespresso coffee machine for his birthday on the weekend. Shhhh!!

Happy days!


  1. Cute. Will keep an eye out for those tiles. I don't suppose a hexagonal version of those would do?? I've seen those in Australia.

    1. Thanks. Hexagonal? Hmmm maybe. Got a link?


  2. They look great :) I am a huge Sarah fan as well I have a massive girl crush on her in fact :)

    1. She is amazing huh!! I also am addicted to Young House Love but am missing them badly since their hiatus.

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