Monday, 24 March 2014

What a truss-iffic surprise!!

I just had a knock on the door. I wasn't expecting anyone to come so assumed it was something to do with the roadworkers putting the new water pipes in out the front of our house. Instead it was a delivery man who had all our roof trusses to deliver!!

We had no idea that were even in the process of being made. We hadn't paid a cent yet. The guy who runs the TimbaTruss business is the nicest guy. I just wish all the other tradies were as awesome and nice as him.

Luckily Dave arrived home for lunch right at the time they came so helped the man unload them all.

So look at our lovely stash of trusses all ready to install. If only we were ready to install them.

Also, he left all the technical specifications and installation to put it all together.

What a great company, I am so impressed. Now I guess we wait for the bill.
Yippee!! Happy days!


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