Monday, 10 March 2014

We're going up, up, up

In the words of my favourite female singer, "we're going up, up, up"

This was the song running through my head yesterday when we were doing the floor joists for the second storey.

We packed the 3 kids off to the grandparents house for the day so we didn't have them running under the beams as they were going up. We actually didn't have a very productive day. We had lots of issues due to the steel guy not getting anything level or drilling the holes as he was meant to. So the morning was spent, putting up some beams and drilling holes and lots of levelling and measuring.

We had to use straps to put the beams level.

We put hoop iron for bracing on the wall baseplates and bolted the beams up to the steel.

There were lots of fiddley cut and packing to do to make sure everything was level.

It was a hot day too. You can see who was doing most of the working though.

Then after lunch about 2pm the first joist was up.

Then the second at the other end.

Then a couple more.

So the plan is to do a few each night after work and hopefully within a week it will be done. Then will come the tricky part of getting the yellow tongue flooring up. Might need some extra manpower for that job.

There is a bit of a dilemma with the windows too. May not be able to get the ones I wanted. I didn't realise that obscured windows are not allowed to be open able :(  Will have to double check with the surveyor.

See ya!

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