Sunday, 16 March 2014

Reno with a twist

A twisted ankle that is :(

Dave rolled his ankle this afternoon while trying to put up some floor joists by himself. He stepped down off the ladder and was looking up watching the beam precariously balancing on the rafters and didn't see the edge of the pavers and twisted it. After a strapping and icing and a lie down he got back up and put the dangerous beam back safe and sound. Now it looks like this.

The gap is where the stairs will go up.

Just one of those shorter ones to go, then the end bits and the supporting block in between the joists.

Now that we can finally see what the floor area will be like, I was trying to picture where the bedroom walls will be and the size of them. They will be smaller than I pictured in my head. I asked Dave if it would be possible to make the size of the rooms feel larger by doing a pitched roof instead of a flat roof. So he will talk to the truss guy and see if we can change it.

Might even see if we can make the rooms and bigger by moving walls around a bit. The rooms will be slightly bigger than the current nursery. So adequate but not big.

Anyway, some things for us to think about.
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