Friday, 7 March 2014

Hole in the roof

But don't worry it is meant to be there.

We had to pull down some of the ceiling in the old living room and peel back the zincalume roof to get access to put in new studs and stuff to attach the old part of the house to the new.

Ceiling and roof gone

Some weatherboards gone to make way for new stud work

This is what it looks like from on the roof

This wall has to be finished off too. 

Yesterday after work, we had Scotty the sparky, come and disconnect the lights on the back of the house and move some wiring in the laundry. He also, found some live wires going nowhere in the wall cavity.

Old outdoor lights.

Old light switches for outside

No more lights

Laudry cabling to be moved

This morning we had a timber delivery. The LVLs arrived for the upstairs floor!! Woo hoo. Lord knows how I am going to help Dave lift these things into place on Monday. They are super long and heavy.
Unloading the timber 

Some of the timber. Will move these to the backyard soon.

I'd better get back to it!


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