Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A bedroom wall and a clean couch

A slow but productive day in the end. It was the day to tackle the stained couch and armchair. I was told by the carpet cleaner man that I should  not remove the couch cushions because they will shrink when washed and would be impossible to get them back on. The tag on the couch also said the same thing. I got this couch from Freedom as a 21st birthday present so it is 15 years old now and has only been steam cleaned twice in that time. As you can imagine it was filthy.
Ignore the grey spots on the lens again.

Look at those stains. One was just from juice a few days ago.

The armchair is about 6 years old and is from Ikea and has a washable cover. Again I have only removed it to wash it twice in that time.

See how horrid the arms are.

So I removed the cover and sprayed the stains with stain remover and washed them in the machine. I added some drops of tea tree oil. You should have seen the colour of the water. So I took a photo for you all!
The inside of the cushions. I vacuumed these thoroughly and put them in the sunshine.

The water from the washing machine. Mmmmm yummy!
The armchair covers still looked grubby so I put them back in the machine and added bleech to really whiten them up. It worked a treat. Look at them now.
Still have to sew the button back on the back cushions

Farewell dust mites and old stains. And it was easy to get the covers back on, so there silly carpet cleaner man. You ain't getting my money anymore!!

On the extension front, Dave got a wall built upstairs. It is the dividing wall between the boys bedrooms.

Gives us a real sense of the size of the rooms upstairs. It was a bit awkward because of the pitched ceilings. Just took more time to measure and cut everything. Looks cool though :)


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