Sunday, 6 April 2014

Some more ORBing

I am getting the hang of this ORBing (Oil-rubbed bronze) business. After my first attempt here, I was happy enough with the outcome to try it one my front door knocker.

The visitors are noticing it and saying it looks good so I think it certainly is an improvement.
You can also see that I did the strike plate to match. Pity it has an ugly blue packer under it. I will have to paint that. Not sure why I didn't just do it with the strike plate.
So after taking them off, I sanded them both back and washed them in warm soapy water. Then I laid them out on a box, and I put a spare key in the lock so it wouldn't get jammed with paint.
How much better does it look after a simple sanding!
Then after the first coat.
Second coat.
I actually only did 3 coats this time as I though last time it looked a bit too black.
I also removed the peep hole and sprayed that to match also.
Wow you can see the black spots in my camera lens here. Silly old camera.
Here it is after it has been put back on.

Some rubbed has happened on the screen door lock but I expected that.

You can see that I still need to paint the edge of the screen door. I also want to take off the mess and clean out all the leaves that are stuck behind it and stretch it out tight again.
Not much else happened this weekend. Dave finished the back wall on the second storey and I have almost finished painting the rafter tails green. Hopefully we get the last wall done upstairs and can get some roof structure done this week; if the rain hold off.


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