Monday, 14 April 2014

I love the roof

I just adore seeing the roof line of the house. And I love being up on the second storey just looking at the roof. It makes it seem so real and cosy.

Dave put up some of the new green painted rafter tails after work today too. The rest are yellow so we will paint them all green down the track. We thought they'd look more of a feature if they were a different colour.
Green rafter tails
 There also seems to be more action happening in our street. We came house to see some of the road blocked off and the street decorated with orange warning flags.
Is there a parade coming?

Pretty orange flags
I am hoping that the trees will start to be cut down tomorrow. That would be exciting.



  1. Wow, its all going up so fast. Looks great Nat!! your going to have a roof on in no time :)

    1. Yes it really took off in the past month or so. Helped that Hubby had some time off work else could have been months away.

  2. How cool! That second shot would be an awesome one to frame for your house as art... :)

    1. Hey that is a good idea!!! Pity about the spots on the camera lens though. I may just have to do that, thank you!