Monday, 28 April 2014

Mother's Day

I was browsing the Aldi catalogue this week and found a great idea for the kids to get me for Mother's Day.

It is a girls tool set. It's pink and it's only $19.99. The only thing missing is a cordless drill.
The thing is my hubby is a chippy and has all these tools and many more, but he has them in his ute or at work which is not helpful when I am home and need to fix something. It would be good, as then I can stop bugging him to get a tool for me.

Then today the Master's catalogue arrived in the mail and I saw this.

 Same thing as the Aldi one but $30. Looks the same so hopefully the quality is just as good.

I will have to remember to drop in to Aldi on Wednesday when the sale starts and get one.

Now to search for a pink cordless drill.


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