Sunday, 13 April 2014

Trusses 90% done

Today was a big day. The sun was out and we were go for putting up the trusses on the second storey. Dave asked his brother to come over and help him. While he isn't a chippy, he is a cabinet maker (he did our kitchen) so he was a massive help and probably both learnt a lot.

So here are some pictures.

First some ply bracing was put up.
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 Strapped down the studs and braced with hoop iron.
 Close up of the strapping.
Sunrise over the city this morning.
Trusses in progress.
The brothers hard at work.

From the front
From the front
 I also did some painting of the lining board to go under the eaves.
We are still hoping that the roof will go on before Easter. Fingers crossed everyone.


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