Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Kids study area

In the upstairs kids retreat space, we want to split half of it into a couch and TV area and the other side into a study zone.

Obviously this makes it look bigger than it actually will look like but this is the layout.

So I imagine along desk under the window. Like a nice slab of timber with some shelves above and two chairs so that boys can have a space to do their homework.

I have pinned some ideas that would be kinda like what I imagine.

Voor meer personenin love <3  Black And White Home Office Space With Stylish FurnishingsDIY rustic wood desk mounted on wall. Would work as a corner desk or straight desk. Zebrawood plywood + shelves.
 Office shelving ideas
One of the desks (the one that turns the corner) would even have a nice window above it so would get lots of natural light.

I think they would like it anyway.


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