Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Framing the lower roof

What a night it was last night. The wind was blowing strong; so strong that poor hubby only got 2 hours sleep worrying that the tarp was going to blow off. He got up at 1am to check the ropes were still tied down. Then today the rain came and once again we found ourselves out the back with towels and buckets trying to keep the floor dry.

Dave got to work on the framing up of the roof on the west side lower floor. Luckily it was easier than the east side even though the steel beams were out of level and giving some issues.

 Here is the first beam going in.


 Yesterday Dave built a long work bench along the north wall of the back area. Here we can lay out the pine lining boards that are getting painted to go under the eaves.

Sadly today it was too wet to paint and I spent the day catching up on the inside house work.

Though I did get out some bleach and scrub off some mildew that had started to grow along the bottom plate of the wall. Hopefully the roof will go over this new section soon so we can avoid the mildew aspect.
Tomorrow I am continuing me efforts to rid the house of dust mites. My allergies have been really bad, especially my itchy eyes. Today I vacuumed the couch and washed and vacuumed the side cushions and back cushions. They look so much brighter and cleaner now. Tomorrow I am going to remove the covers from the seat cushions and wash them. Hopefully they don't shrink and I can get them back on the cushion because the label says not to wash them. Eek!! They really need doing and it is worth the effort to stop my itchy eyes.


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