Thursday, 28 August 2014

A messy weekend ahead

And not one of the messy weekend of my younger years sadly. It is time to do some spring cleaning. Let's face it, Spring does actually start on Monday (woo hoo!) so it seems very timely.

We have big pile of rubbish in the backyard to take to the tip. Might need two or three trips sadly. We also have go get rid of the left over roofing material which we will take to the recyclers tomorrow after work.
Dave strapping it to his ute.

Hopefully we can get some cash for it.

Also on Saturday I want to:
- Trim back the mop top tree
- clear a path for the large windows to get around the back
-  move and try to sell the cement weatherboards that we didn't use
- weed the backyard ad front yard
- general tidy up the back area and upstairs

The plumber is meant to come back on Saturday to do some more work on the roof and pipes.

Meanwhile I keep painting and have been getting quotes for heating and cooling and solar panels.


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