Sunday, 31 August 2014

I'm exhausted

Firstly, I'd like to say a big welcome to Spring. About time you showed up. This winter felt so cold and long and I am so glad to see the end of it. I must say though, the last two days of Winter were delightful here in old Melbourne town.

Secondly, I need a week of sleep ins. I am so tired. I did a big 9.5km run (I know what your thinking, why stop there?) on Saturday morning then spent the day cleaning out the rubbish and pruning the mop top tree. I think because I have been slightly under the weather that it just took it out of me. I did do over 20,000 steps that day.

But the site is looking much better now. The massive pile of rubbish in the backyard has gone and the weeds are a bit better. Still lots of garden work to do but it isn't urgent because the garden isn't very accessible at the moment anyhow.

I came to work today for a rest. I couldn't even run this morning. Just did a walk instead.

Oh and the plumber didn't turn up. Disappointing.

Our sales rep (Dennis) from ColdFlow called back on Friday to see if we got the quote for the solar panels. I said we did and we decided that it wasn't beneficial to us, but we would be using him for the rest of the work. He seemed happy about that.

We still have some old weatherboards to get rid of too.

Yesterday I spent trying to get the house in a state that didn't look like WWIII had hit. Not much success. It is near impossible to work part time, renovate, blog and look after 3 kids and a husband all while keeping a pint sized and crowded house looking clean and tidy. Especially when extra issues of head lice (think washing all the bedding) and worms (more washing all the bedding) and bathroom floods hit. Yep the washing machine flooded the bathroom yesterday from overloading the machine with bedding. Fun!

Some days it just feels like somethings gotta give. Sadly none of it can.
Anyway, I need a holiday. Or at least a week of sleep ins.



  1. Oh hunny I really feel for you! I am exhausted myself and you have it harder than I do! Just try take some time to put you feet up even if it means the house stays messy, it can wait your sanity won't! Plus just think how good your place will be when it's done, worth all the blood sweat and tears x

    1. Naww thanks Dani. I just need to get some energy and motivation back and I'll be right. I'm off to bed now and hopefully sleep well.