Saturday, 23 August 2014

The first window

Today was a momentous day. No not really. But we were looking forward to it all week. I know, we are pathetic and living in a teeny house has made us a wee bit cray cray it seems. Instead of looking forward to sleeping in on the weekends, we'd rather get up early and install windows. What the??

The great thing now is that it is getting light a lot earlier. I got up at 6:30am to do my 10km run and it was pretty much already fully light. I am so sick of running in the pitch black. This also means we can fit more work into the daylight hours. If only we got paid for this work we would be laughing.

So here is the window.

It is almost impossible to get a good photo of this side of the house sorry. Here it is from the inside.
We thought it would be hard to get the thing upstairs but we managed that pretty easily with just the two of us.
Just brought her up to her new room
 Then Dave had some work to do, like packing out the opening and putting on the flashings and checking out the hanging out bits at the ends.
Ready to go in
I must say, there was a bit of swearing getting the thing into place and making it all level. But finally we got it to a point where we had to say, close enough is good enough. Or my mother in law's favourite "a blindman would be happy to see it!"

After we had it in place, we then put the wind out windows back in and the flyscreens.

The rest of the day, Dave did some more weatherboarding and I prepped the next highlight window.
Did the weatherboards right at the top
I'll tell you what though. It takes ages to get the windows ready to be painted. First you have to take all the screws out of the hardware (and some needed to be drilled out because the stainless steel screws are so soft that they get threaded when tuning them). Then you remove the black weather seals ( I needed a screwdriver to dig them out). Then I punched the nail holes, used a razor blade to cut off excess silicone and sand off any sap or wood that was flakey.

I managed to paint about 1/4 of an undercoat before it was time for dinner. I guess that is my job for tomorrow now.


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