Sunday, 17 August 2014

Home show and weekend work

Another winter weekend has come and gone. This one was quite productive for a change.

It started on Friday night (when most weekends do hahaha...) when we tripped off to the Herald Sun Home Show at the Exhibition Centre in Melbourne. We scored two free tickets thanks to the Home One forum. Thanks guys!!!

With the kids being looked after by Nan we were free to wander the aisles in peace. The best part is trying the sneak the lollies from the bowls on the stands without them seeing. Dave will distract them with a question about the product and I swoop in for the lollies. No good ones this time, unlike the chocolate bars we swiped last time.

But we did see some good stalls. When we first walked in we saw the Rinnai gals log fires which looked great I must say. Sadly they didn't have any Lopi on show.
Rinnai Gas log fires
 There were some nice engineered wood floors (not that we want that but they looked nice but feel fake to us). We are on the hunt for real hardwood floors.
 Dave dreaming about installing a spa one day.
 Then there is this mod from down in Geelong that does stone walls. We were initially told a few years ago, that they use real stone. The guy there told us, no, it is moulded concrete. So we are not so keen now. We will have to see what our other options are.

 Then a bathroom group had this cool tile on the wall that looks like floorboards. I am very keen for something like that on our ensuite floor. I am not at tile person. I much prefer a natural environment. So a tile that looks like wood could work.

We did get some other work done on the house though. Same old, same old. Weatherboards. We got the east side almost all done, and the north side about 1/3 done.
Dave putting the boards up

Pretty much all done

You can just see the board going on the bottom left

North wall under way
Other than that, I was painting windows. The two smaller south facing windows are done and needed screwing back together (we had to buy new screws because I stuffed some of them trying to get the out).

I started on the highlight windows and aim to get it painted and installed on the weekend. Hooray!
Spent about 1 hour just dismantling the window.
So much work to be done, so little time. I started getting excited thinking about plastering yesterday. That will be a time to celebrate.


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  1. Painting all those windows, such a big job!
    I love wood look tiles - my builder wouldnt allow of doing your own build!