Saturday, 23 August 2014

Our surprise delivery

On Thursday I came home from work to find a note from the postman that they couldn't deliver a package due to the road works. Curse those horrid things. Been going on way too long now. Anyway, neither Dave nor I could think what this could be. We hadn't ordered anything.

So the next morning I was out for my 6am run and I figured it out (I solve the problems of the world when I am out running). It had a description of the package on the note "blue tube large". It was the window film to make our windows obscured. Hooray!

It is pretty large I guess

The film cut to size

The all important instructions
 Then this happened. Miss Heidi decided that the film would make a great bed and she pretended to have a sleep. As you do.
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Massive big shout out and thanks to Dave at Mastertint for providing the film. It helps to have people in the know. Cheers Bro!!

So now I need to gather my supplies like a spray bottle and squeegee  etc. Bunnings here we come.


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