Monday, 25 August 2014

Heating and cooling

Today we had ColdFlow come out to look at our options for heating and cooling. We previously had The Heat shop come out but after taking 2 weeks to get the quote back and only because I had to prompt them, I am kind of put off them now. The Heat Shop quoted $7366 for 2 x 2.5Kw Daiken split systems (one in each bedroom upstairs) + 1 x 7.1kw Daiken for downstairs.

The ColdFlow guy Dennis, gave a written quote on the spot. He also suggested split systems would be the way to go because of the lack of room to run ducts. He suggested a muti-head Daiken split system with 4 outlets. 3 upstairs and one large down stairs. They quoted $8,750.

On Wednesday I have a guy from DaleAir coming to quote so will see what he says and what price he can do.

No other work done on the house today; and the coming weekend we are having a "clean up the site" weekend. We will do some tip runs, dispose of excess roof iron and other things clogging up the work area. Should be good.


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