Sunday, 3 August 2014

Sunday's stuff

This morning we woke to a cold and frosty morning. The skylight was covered in a layer of ice as was my car. It was the first morning in a long time that I had to pour water over the windows to be able to drive. However, a frosty morning means a clear sky and normally a gorgeous and sunny day. True to form, that is the case. The sun is shining and a great day for working on the house.

I did have to wait until about 11:30am before I could start painting however. I got the third and final coat of paint on the exterior of the window. So now it is ready to be installed whenever Dave gets time.

Window for Andrew's room ready to be put back together and installed.
Meanwhile, upstairs, the west exterior wall was being straightened and wrapped up.
 And the weatherboarding is just being started now on this side. It is slow going because he is taking lots of breaks to kick the footy with the kids and watching the Bulldogs play on TV.

 Oh and this is the other scaffold which was finished last night on the East side.

This week, we also got the metal brackets that need to be installed under the flooring. This is the part that never got finished when we sacked the steel guy. So nice to finally have these in our hands. This will be a rainy day job though.
I just took a few shots from the outside so we can remember what it all looked like at this stage. 

The days are finally getting longer and this means more daylight to work under. Brilliant. Bring on Spring and getting closer to lock up.


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