Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Slow going on the big windows

On the weekend we put in the second highlight window, so the time has come to tackle the larger windows. This windows has needed the most preparation of all the windows so far. It needed lots of sanding and filing holes and cutting off silicone that had seeped out.

Yesterday after the prep, I only had time (mind you this is working around the kids and swimming lessons etc) to do half a window.
You can see the other side is still wood
Today, during Heidi's nap, I managed to do the other side plus both sides of the window insert sitting on the bench above. Then after school pickup, I filled the holes and got the paint off the glass that I got on around the edges.

So now it looks like this, one undercoat down:
This could take a while. Obviously, with me being at work the next 2 days, it wont be ready to be put in on the weekend. It is too cold at night to go out there and paint. I will try to do some more after work, before I cook dinner tomorrow, but because it is so slow, not sure how much I can get done in and hour.

Been working on some ORB drawer pulls too, but haven't got a picture to show yet.

Dave is upstairs right now (9.05pm) working on the weatherboards. I don't know how he can be bothered when it is so dark and cold. He's a good man.


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