Friday, 26 September 2014

Houses in our neighbourhood #3 (Featuring Dan & Dani from The Block's new house)

When I was out on my run this morning, I took my camera along to snap some photos of nice houses in our area. You can see part 1 and part 2 previously on my blog.

As it is spring here now, the mornings are warmer and bright. The first thing I saw was the hot air balloons above Melbourne.
One very odd shaped hot air balloon today
This first house is a big one. I love the blue and cream colouring and just all the window trims and period details.

Side view of double storey weatherboard in Seddon.

Front view

From the opposite angle
How cute is that little window at the front. Goregous!

The next one, I loved the colours. They painted the brick a grey/brown colour and the trim, black. They are till renovating it by the looks of the tiles out the front.
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 This one actually looked so much nicer in real life. The colours didn't turn out right.
 The next is also still undergoing renovation but again I love the trim details and cute window at the front as well as the big chunky columns on the large porch
It will look great when it is all done.
 This house below I believe is owned by a local real estate agent. It is like a mansion and I bet it is haunted by the scarey look of it.
Gorgeous front fence
 This is just a classic period home which has been well looked after and on a lovely large block for the area.
 I like the frontage of the next house. The detail on the roof pitch and the establish conifer trees made it look so pretty.
 And I just had to share this cute little sign out the front of one house. A cheeky way to ask for spare lemons. I like it!

For those fans of The Block, Dan and Dani are renovating a house in the neighbourhood. It is a period Victorian double fronted house. They have gutted it and just kept the facade and like us are adding a second storey.

Can't wait to see this progress.

That's it for now. Enjoy your grand final day for all those footy fans out there.



  1. Thanks for the tour :)
    Matt and Kim from The Block lived in my neighborhood but sold their home soon after the show, kind of cool to live near them and it makes me think we picked the right suburb to renovate in too!

    1. Oh wow! Remember that crazy first bedroom those guys did? Did their house sell for a lot after they were famous?