Monday, 22 September 2014

More of my bedroom

A few weeks ago I posted some photos of my newly styled dresser in my bedroom. I realised that I haven't taken any shots of the actual bed since I started this blog. So, I took a few today. I found it hard to get a good shot with my point and shoot camera due to all the light coming through the windows. These are the best of a bad lot of photos.

I really want to paint this room and get new lamps and one day a new bedroom suit.

That print above the bed is of Wine Glass Bay in Tasmania. David bought the poster when we stayed there once when we were dating. Then he got it framed and it has been hanging above the bed for years now. It will stay there until something better comes along, but at the moment it will stay as I just love to be surrouded by water and seaside treasures. Must be because I am a Pisces. I'd love to panel that back wall too after the ensuite door goes in on the left side. Both those windows will go too once the ensuite is started.



  1. It's a beautiful room, as is, but I love your panelling idea. The headlight windows and frames are gorgeous and I think the ceiling fan/light is pretty cute too.