Sunday, 21 September 2014

Our lovely neighbourhood library

Where I live is a normally quiet and friendly pocket of West Footscray. Of course we have our druggie neighbours across the street that provide us with exciting entertainment like big police raids and angry suppliers getting revenge by taking tho their cars with a sledge hammer. But we also have such lovely neighbours who help with the communal vegie patch at the hidden park and more recently the addition of a little library.

 It has a simple sign with a simple rule. Take a book, return a book. Which reminds me I still owe it a book but it is choc-a-block full at the moment so I might have to wait until there is room.

I have found a few Enid Blyton books for my Peter Rabbit loving daughter and a Roald Dahl one for my eldest.

Such a great idea with a positive message. Books are too good not to be shared. There looks to have been some great effort gone into making this wooden library and I am very grateful to the people who did it.

Maybe some of my readers would be inspired to create such a library in their own neighbourhoods to share the love of books.


** Edited:  To link the website about creating one in your area. Check this out Little Free Library.


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    1. I was quite excited when I first saw it. I'd love to see this idea take off.

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    1. And it looks really cute too. I'd put on in the front of our house.
      Thanks for stopping by!