Saturday, 6 September 2014

My bedroom dresser

I mentioned a few days ago that I had been doing some more ORBing (that is spray painting things in Oil Rubbed bronze coloured paint). You may remember a while back that I changed out the cheap looking silver knobs on my bedside tables.

Silver knobs to round dark ones.
Well I really wanted to do the same with the dresser an chest of drawers but it really wasn't cheap to do. So I did some looking around and saw a dresser at Pottery Barn with similar square knobs in a dark colour.
Sumatra Extra-Wide Dresser
This dresser costs $1,715 but isn't she great.

I decided to try ORBing mine to see what it looked like. As I already had the spray paint it was going to be a free update. I found the four that I removed from the bedsides and sprayed them and put the on the dresser.
Spraying them after giving them a light sanding.
Here is the first test on the dresser;

Yep. I liked it. I liked that they don't stick out like sore thumbs when I walk in to the room. They blend in and you don't notice when they aren't dead straight.

Something else I have been looking at this week is Feng Shui. Apparently you shouldn't have a mirror facing the bed. This gave me a good excuse to remove the mirror. Something I wanted to do for a while now. So I got out my driver and removed the mirror. And while I was at it I re-styled the top of it.

It is such a nice fresh change. I should take some more up-to-date photos of my bedroom too.

Oh and I did the chest of drawers too:
Just the top two are done here as the rest were drying at the time.
It is nice to have a freshen up in the room.What I still want to do in there is;

- repaint the walls; probably white
- new bedside lamps or wall scones
- hang some match stick blinds like this
- buy new sheets, doona cover and cushions for the bed
- maybe add some paneling to the wall behind the bed
- change the colour of the furniture as I hate the red/brown colour. Looked much better in the show room display.



  1. Spray paint is addictive once you realise how easy and cheap it is to transform things with it! I'm with you on the stained furniture too. Great in the right setting but it can be a bit too much otherwise.

    1. I kinda wish I had discovered it sooner. I am having lots of fun with it.