Saturday, 13 September 2014

In goes, the windows

(I must credit the title of this post to my 7 year old son, Andrew. Thanks for you contribution buddy.)

I woke up yesterday morning, pretty excited about the prospect of the largest window going in that night. The day was looking even better when the plumber eventually showed up to finish the roof and some down pipes. Hooray!

So on Friday night, Dean and Dave moved this big windows from down the sideway and installed it:
Dean and Dave after installing it
From the outside during the daytime

From the inside
 Last night they also flexed their muscles and put the ramp to good use. They hauled three large windows and one small window upstairs.

And she's up!
I guess now we can dismantle it.

This morning, Dave prepped all the window frames and windows ready to go in. While he did that I painted the outside of the last one that needed painting. The other thing I did today was to put the window film on the first window we put in last week.
Not the best but as it is only temporary (ie to pass the inspection) I am not too fussed. That window doesn't overlook anyones house so is just a silly thing our architect did.
First attempt at window film

From the outside
But the most exciting part is the installation of two of the upstairs windows. Actually it is probably on par with the installation of the big one downstairs.

Doing the trimming

The three windows installed

Window friend (joke for inbetweeners fans)

Of course they need to all be painted still, but they are IN!!!

Now our sideway is much tidier as is the lower level. Feels good.



  1. They look great! I completely get your excitement over this it's a big step to having a real livable home again yay! Does this mean you are watertight upstairs now?

    1. Hi Dani. Unfortuately no.Still have two more windows to go in upstairs and some weatherboards that can't go on until the scaffolding is down. But it is certainly warmer and less windy up there now.