Sunday, 21 September 2014

Working on the back wall still

This weekend was a bit fiddly and we really didn't get much work done. Not that we were slacking off but just the things we were doing were not big game changes.

On Saturday I sanded the East wall with the orbital mouse sander. We need to take of a bit of the primer that comes on the weatherboards because it isn't good quality and tends to peel off after a while. So if we sand it back it gives the painted a better chance to stick.

Speaking of painting, I painted one of the back windows with the first undercoat and got started on the second window. At least that will protect them a bit from the rain.

You can see it in the picture below. It is the right one that is completed with coat number one.

Dave also installed the flashings on top of the windows. Also he installed those white coloured weatherboards above and some below the doorway at the back (below).
So only small additions in the scheme of things, but they still needed preparation like packing walls and running string lines which all take time.

Hopefully next weekend we will do something more but I don't know what Dave has planned yet.


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