Thursday, 4 September 2014

A new plan of attack

Due to the frustrating slowness of painting all the big windows before installation, we decided to change our plan of attack. I think we just really were at that point where we need to see some progress to keep up our motivation. Doing the same old thing for the past many weeks (ie weatherboarding and painting) has put us in a bit of a slump.

Today after work, Dave suggested that we just paint the windows around the edges. Thereby, we can install them and paint the rest after installation. We will obviously have the scaffold up for ages yet, so I can just paint them from the scaffold.

I managed to get that window I started this week, coated twice on the outsides so that is ready to go. I also did one coat on the next window too. So potentially we could get two more windows put it this weekend. However we need to find someone to help us carry them upstairs and put them in place.

I haven't done any window tinting yet. Well it isn't tint as much as obscure film. I will get to that one day.

Three more sleeps until Mum comes over from Tassie to visit. Can't wait to see her.


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